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Effective Thursday, March 19, 2020, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama offices are closed until further notice and the staff is working remotely.  If you need to communicate with a Chamber staff member or West Alabama Works staff member, please refer to the staff directory to find their contact information.   

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Jim, Donny, or Barkley.  Their contact information is listed below.

Jim Page
President and Chief Executive Officer
O: (205) 391-0562 (Voicemail will be emailed to Jim) | M: (205) 657-6300

Donny Jones
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director, Region 3 Workforce Development Council/West Alabama Works
O: (205) 391-0552 (Voicemail will be emailed to Donny) | M: (205)242-5931

Barkley Garrett
Vice President of Economic Development
O: (205) 391-0329 (Voicemail will be emailed to Barkley) | M: (205) 632-8999